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Holy Land Experience - Adult (13+) Holy land experience is a park having subject, made different from others, unique Orlando region. As and when you come into the gates of Holy land experience, the park will make you realize about history of two thousand years back. You will feel the life faced during Jerusalem by purchasing the Holy Land experience tickets. It will make you experience same atmosphere, similarly faced like Jesus.

You will find submerged in the historical sounds and sights. You will find the results getting enlightened. Every age group will enjoy and have fun at Holy land experience. You will find people active member in every event conducted in city. It is true that you should not miss the opportunity to explore the experience of Holyland.

It is true that opportunity can only be availed if you have a Holyland experience tickets. If you visit Holyland Experience then you will be able to enjoy the beauty of historical art of Jerusalem.

Holyland Tickets Orlando

Discount Holyland Experience Tickets - Buy Holyland Experience Tickets

At the same time, you will be able to see some authentic outfits. On the other hand, the assortment of antiques is also presented in Holyland Experience. If you are planning to visit the Holyland Experience then you should know the land area of Holyland experience is very huge. It is covered in the land area of fifteen acre.

You will be able to enjoy live music, during your visit to Holyland experience. On the other hand, some shops are also located at Holyland. This will help you to do some shopping as well.

If you are planning to visit the Holyland Experience then you should know that tickets of Holyland experience are easily available. It is better for you to explore the internet, in order to buy a Holyland experience ticket. You will come across many websites that are available on the internet. Some of these websites will offer you a ticket to Holyland experience. You should go through different websites. This will help you to have a Holyland tickets at a lower rate.

Your visit to Holyland will be considered incomplete if you miss the chance to see the multimedia presentation. Your kids will get entertainment from rock climbing facilities. If you are thinking about the meal, during the visit then you should not worry. Oasis Palms Café is always available at your service. Hence, it is truly an amazing experience, which one should have.

Located in Orlando, Florida, on 15 acres a museum and themed exhibit honor the land of Christ and have a faith inspired live presentation about Jesus Christ.  Spending 15 million dollars, Marvin Rosenthal, born a Jew and now a Baptist minister opened the representation in 2001 and on opening day was protested by the Jewish Defense League, claiming that the experience was developed to turn Jewish people into Christians.  Rosenthal denied the charges.  In 2007, after slow sales, and an estimated 8 million dollars in debt, Trinity Broadcasting Network bought the property for 37 million dollars.  Somewhere between 50 and 100 people lost their jobs.  TBN has made plans to upgrade the area, add more attractions, a movie studio for the production of Christian films and a television studio for its newly acquired Orlando TV-52.

The Scriptorium was opened in 2002, as a center for biblical antiquities with the Van Kampen collection of biblical related artifacts, early printed editions of the Bible, scrolls and manuscripts.  In addition to the magnificent and educational venues, this ministry is faithfully sharing its mission with books, DVDs, the Internet, CDs, and a nationally broadcast radio show.  As part of its mission statement, the Holy Land Experience "seeks to bring the Bible to life".  The Great Temple is a replication of the magnificent temple that stood on Mount Moriah in the first century and was held in the highest regard by the Jewish people.  The Wilderness Tabernacle represents the traveling temple tent that the Jewish people worshipped in during the 40 years wandering in the desert and where God came down as a cloud in the day and fire in the night; thus giving the people a vision to believe on, to revere and hope.  An example of the streets of Jerusalem is called the Jerusalem Street Market, which is Middle Eastern now and get an idea of what life was like during the time of Jesus.  In the Shofar Auditorium, presentations, musicals and dramas are brought to life in this state-of-the -art building complete with air conditioning.  The Quamran caves are a copy of the area in Israel where the famed Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered by a young shepherd boy in 1947.  The Oasis Palms Cafe will give your stomach some relief with a full menu, chef and daily specials, soft drinks and a wonderful gourmet list of desserts.  In this  incredible representation of Christ's garden tomb, you can gain some understanding of what an inspiring site this is.  The park has a great place for children to run off some steam with a rock climbing wall, misting station to ward off the hot summer days and the trading post where you can purchase some wonderful gifts or toys, called the Smile of a Child Adventure Land.  They have 3 lovely prayer gardens where you can rest, relax, and/or pray.  The pure serenity and beautiful plants will help you with your private talk to God.  The Crystal Living Waters are fountains and a light show that will fill you with love and peace while you enjoy the brilliant water show unfold in front of you and your family.  A magnificent model measuring 45 by 25 feet is the biggest indoor model of its kind and shows you what Jerusalem looked like in the year A.D. 66 just before it was completely destroyed by the Romans.  Here you can actually see the paths and walkways that Jesus took while He was in the city and His final walk to Golgotha.  In the rear of the Great Temple, the Theater of Life will show movies depicting the values and greatness of the Christian life.  These are part of the TBN library of family movies.

If you or your family ever wanted to know what the tabernacle, Ark of the Covenant, Great Temple or Jerusalem looked like during those incredible years, then this is the very place to fulfill your interests and questions.  It is a wonderful full life representation of what the life, clothing, foods and hardships were like for the Lord, His followers and His people.  You will see where the most influential papyrus manuscripts ever to be discovered looked like, examples of early Bibles, and much more.  It is a fantastic place to take your children and help them understand what Christianity is all about, with wonderful visual examples that show them exactly what life was like.  Some of the artifacts mentioned can be purchased for your personal homes or collections.  There are many books, a beautiful letter opener and other exciting examples of Christian life.

The Holy Land has an inspiring Easter festival each year with great shows for you and your family to experience together and learn.  On Thursday evenings from 7:30 PM until 9 PM, Bible studies are held open and free to the public.  On Sundays, at 10:30 AM, there is a service for those wishing to attend, unfortunately there aren't any nursery or youth programs presently.  There are live shows that will bring you closer to Christ each day.  Presentations are given by Biblical archaeologists helping you to understand the grandeur of God and His use of simple people like Moses to do His work.  Christmas is a very special time at the Holy Land Experience and if you chose no other time to visit, then this would be the best.  With songs, lights and shows you will come to know more about the man called Jesus and His sacrifice to save the world.

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Holyland Tickets Orlando

Discount Holyland Experience Tickets - Buy Holyland Experience Tickets


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