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We welcome you to the Disney World Tickets - Disney world is one of the most happening places on the earth. Whenever you feel, you should enjoy visiting the Disney world. At our Disney World Tickets store, you will find the best discount Disney tickets deals available for the Disney world theme parks and attractions inside. We offer Disney tickets for all age people. From 3 years child to 99+ year person can also enjoy Disney world. Purchasing of the Disney World Tickets is very easy and simply to execute. Simply choose your favorite park, you want to visit, and select the tickets by your age. Once you are all set to buy simple add your desired number of tickets to your cart and buy it online through credit card. We process all of our orders on secure and safe server, so you don't have to worry about your credit card information.

The New Fantasyland
Ever dreamed about a faraway land where magic was real and once-upon-a-time happened every day? That land is The New Fantasyland. Deep in the heart of Disney's Magic Kingdom, lies a legendary world long forgotten called New Fantasyland. Ancient legends describe a place where mermaids sing, beautiful princesses tell tales, hideous beasts speak and flying elephants abound. A place where Disney fans both girls and boys everywhere can fulfilled there most delightful fantasies. As one of the largest expansions in the history of Magic Kingdom, be enchanted by many new surprises hidden within the gates of Fantasyland. Thousands of cast members and imagineers worked hard to make The New Fantasyland a reality. Soon, these stories will become reality when the curse of the New Fantasyland is broken and its wonders come to light. The good news, now with a 1 day base ticket, you can help us uncover the enchantment and break the curse on Fantasyland. There is an air of excitement for fans around the world waiting to discover what lies behind the walls of Cinderella's Castle.

To all that believe in wishes and dreams, to all those that are young and young at heart, New Fantasyland awaits your arrival.

If you are new to Disney world visiting this fantastic world for the first time, we would request you to read the all necessary information before you travel to Disney world. This is one of the most exciting places for fun on the earth that caters all age of people. There are various rides & attractions which are allowed only for a particular age group. So it is required to read the ride instructions before you buy the tickets. Rides and attractions are made for fun and enjoyment but this is also advised to take necessary precautions when using a ride.

Appropriately named the Magic Kingdom, this Disney adventure and fantasy park was the most visited theme park in the world in 2008, with the magic of decades of dedication to the fantasies of children. That is what the kingdom is all about after all that is said and done. Imagine, a place where children can have incredible fun, play all day and into the night, eat fast food, and use their imaginations to thrill with the fantasies that have helped them grow into adulthood. Safe within the confines of a loving family, children from all over the world come here to experience what they can only have here. Using beautiful architectural designs of imaginary creations, colors that illuminate and contrast the brilliant blue skies and deep emerald greens of grass, trees, plants and flowers of every conceivable color, the magic kingdom invades, permeates and ingratiates itself into the memories and thoughts of the visiting young. And the marvelous thing about all this imagination is that it never grows old, bringing people back again and again, through the many decades that have yielded the wonders of this real never never land.

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Opened in 1971, the Magic kingdom was the first Disney venture built in Florida. In many ways like the theme park in Disneyland in California, this park was designed and built by WED Enterprises which in now Walt Disney Imagineering. Divided into 7 themed areas, 5 copied from Disneyland, the park contains 48 different attractions. Main Street, U.S.A. represent various parts of America; Missouri and New England, with the Walt Disney Railroad going along the perimeter of the park and stopping at Main Street, Mickey's Toontown Fair and Frontierland. There is a "four corners" in the middle of Main Street with each of the corner buildings exhibiting a different style of architecture. The street has various shops lining it selling food, snacks, chocolates and merchandise of all varieties, like glass, Disney paraphernalia, and other interesting items. At Tony's Town Square and the Plaza Restaurant, you can great American food much like the kids did in the 50s and 60s. Casey's Corner, at the end of Main, sells ballpark cuisine like hot dogs and french fries. At the end of the street looming in the distance and viewable from the beginning of the street is Cinderella's Castle which is a favorite of everyone. To the left is Adventureland where visitors are taken into the foreign lands of the Caribbean, South America, South Pacific, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Here is where the famous pirates of the Caribbean fight, drink, live and are merry. The Jungle cruise launches from here also. Then you go into Frontierland where the wild west gets wilder, Disney style. Here the favorite of many young boy live the cowboys and Indians that have invaded our fantasies and dreams for many years. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad goes rickety around the mountain with thrills and chills for kids of all ages. Tom Sawyer's Island sits off to the right and always seems to be inviting you in to explore, Splash Mountain always seems to cool you off, with water splashing all the onlookers on the bridge, and the best Country Bear Jamboree anywhere in this country will entertain you and keep you cool while the outside circus atmosphere goes wild. Coming round the bend from these you enter Fantasyland that was dedicated to the young at heart by Walt himself with the world's most favorite and my mom's too; It's a Small World, and it really is, although when it started those decades ago, and when you are young, it doesn't seem so. Peter Pan's flight, Dumbo the flying elephant, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger too, Mickey's PhilarMagic, Snow White's Scary Adventures, Cinderella's beautiful carousel and the Mad Tea Party, which can really make you dizzier than you are; all make this wonderful area the most favorite of young children. Tomorrowland and Mickey's Toontown Fair fill in the rest of the area with a wondrous and most delightful day of exploring and fantasizing.

For almost 40 years, this park has amazed, thrilled, tantalized and mesmerized children of all ages from all over the world and using your imagination it will be doing it for the next 40 or 50. With so many wonderful rides, parades, firework shows and other fantastic adventures, the Magic Kingdom will live on forever; if only in our minds. It has been the place to visit, as is attested by the great throngs of millions that continue to come here; even when there are other Disney parks that are similar. Out of all of them, this is everyone's favorite; perhaps the Florida weather, which can be hot, but that just makes the water rides and coolness of the buildings and shows that much more interesting; or the flat terrain with its wonderful, beautiful varied vegetation that adds that certain flair of color, aroma and dignity to the park. Whatever the reason, may it live as long as children do. This is a place where young and old come together to meld into one incredibly diverse, yet happy group of people. No matter where you are from, you are welcome, no matter who you are, everyone is friendly, no matter what is happening in your life, your family's life, the lives of the people in your state, or country or part of the world, and even if the economy of the world is going through the most tumultuous period in history, the Magic Kingdom will take away all your worries, troubles, problems or what have you and replace them with magic, pixie dust and love.

Disney world is always there to amaze you with its excellent rides, water parks, and other adventure attractions. Just you have to plan your trip to the Disney world by buying the Disney world tickets online. Make sure that you have chosen the best attraction & ride tickets for Disney world according to your age group and interest.

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